Traveling To Oviedo?


You can fly from Stansted and Heathrow to Asturias. Depending on flight times you will need to travel down & do an overnight stay in a hotel near the airport. We don’t recommend sleeping in the airport it was cold and uncomfortable, probably one of our worst decisions.

Most Northern Airports have flights to Madrid. You then have the option of getting a connecting flight to Asturias, taking the train or getting the bus. The great thing about this option is that you can stay in Madrid for a night or two or you can travel in the same day.
If you decide to fly you’ll need a minimum of two hours between connections and the ability to run. Do not choose this option if you are checking bags in. The flight from Madrid is less than an hour.
The train and bus take about 4-5 hours and you will need to head into the city. This will take you at least an hour. If you choose to this route maybe book a hotel and stay in Madrid for the day.
You also have the option to hire a car but you won’t really need it in Oviedo unless you want to travel further afield.

At certain times of the year your can get some great connections from Manchester to Bilbao,
You can then either hire a car and drive, this takes about three hours. Or head into Bilbao and get a coach. The bus drops you at the coach station so really is an easy no fuss option and depending on flight times takes the shortest time to get you to Asturias. The coach journey is normally about 3-4 hours.